About Kirsten Schroeder

Kirsten Schroeder is a warm, compassionate therapist who believes that counseling can help people find relief from the issues that keep them stuck.  Her passion is to help others alleviate distress and find hope, meaning and new purpose in their lives. Using the best scientific advances, she is able to support her clients in their quest to feel better and less reactive to the events around them.  Her background in education, health care and the church has led to over 30 years of experience in supporting people to achieve their goals.  She continues to support others through her practice, valuing connection, compassion and learning.

Kirsten Schroeder Counselor

Kirsten Schroeder Counselor

About You

I am glad you are considering counseling; it is a really big step. 

Here are some common reasons people go for counseling:

  • Anxiety and Depression: Feeling anxious or depressed saps your strength and energy. It can leave you feeling frustrated, sad or angry. Together we can access treatments and techniques that will help you feel better and more able to deal with life’s ups and downs. 

  • Relationships: We all have them, but sometimes they are not where we want them to be. Whether you are seeking individual or couples counseling, I will work with you to understand your connections with others and help you decide how to move forward in a healthier way. 

  • Childhood Trauma and Emotional Neglect: It is hard to operate in this world if you didn’t get the support you needed as a child. I work from a compassionate, trauma-informed approach to help you navigate your issues and find your healing. 

  • More: I work with people that are dealing with life transitions and crises, eating and sleeping problems, chronic pain, and career/employment and executive/leadership issues. If you are not sure if I can help, call me at 204-233-9023 or send me a note.  I’d love to talk. 

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